Here’s an interesting new feature Google added for their Google Lens: copy-paste for handwritten notes from phone to computer is now enabled

To make use of this cool new feature, all you need to do is makes sure you have the updated version of Google Chrome plus the Google Lens app which is available on Android devices as well as the Google app on iOS. For this, you’ll also need to be logged in your same Google account for both devices. 

Once these preliminary procedures are accomplished, you may now start using the copy-paste feature.

  • Step 1: Point your camera on any handwritten note (provided your handwriting is clear enough for the app to read)
  • Step 2: Highlight the words on screen and click that ‘copy’ option.
  • Step 3: Go to any Google Docs, select edit, and then click ‘paste’.

Really, it’s a neat update which allows for easier point-and-click type of action especially when a lot are doing online work and classes these days. 

But wait, there’s more: Google is also bringing out a pronunciation tool. This works by simply highlighting a word through Lens, tapping on the ‘listen’ option, and you can now confirm how words are pronounced.

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However, this feature is only available on Android, but the iOS version will come around pretty soon. Take note that you can also look up concepts (such as terms students want to grasp better to write their paper) to access in-line Google results. 

Whether you’re stuck in quarantine, or you’re already free to roam about; Google Lens’ new features are definitely a must-have for those busy days when you need to quickly access and/or submit important documents. 

Source: Google Blog

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