Honda plans to sell only 100% electric vehicles by 2040


Japanese vehicle manufacturer Honda has announced its plan to shift from traditional fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) to electric vehicles (EVs) by 2040. The decision seemingly coming from the prospect of an increasing adoption of EVs, which will coincide with the decreasing demand for FCVs, around 2030.

In conjunction with the company’s growing espousal of electric-powered vehicles, Honda has expressed a plan to launch the “e:Architecture,” a platform for its future archetypal designs.

With the United States showing great prospects for the business, Honda is keen on making the country a launching pad for its forward-thinking products, with the rest of the world following suit.

While preparing for its sole venture, Honda has, in the meantime, been working in unison with GM for EV designs that make use of the latter’s proprietary Ultium batteries. The said developing vehicles are anticipated to see roll out in North America by 2024.

Source: Reuters

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