Riot Games announced that it would start recording voice chats of players while playing Valorant to prevent toxic behavior.

Valorant is the only Riot game where voice chat will be recorded and reviewed. Albeit, it may also be applied in games like League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics in the future.

Riot said that it would only review voice logs if someone submits a report. Players can opt out of this new policy if they don’t use the game’s voice chat feature entirely.

As per the company, this new policy is a new step they’re taking to make Valorant “safe and inclusive for everyone”.

Toxicity is one of the biggest problems in a lot of games besides Valorant. A lot of players and developers themselves reported harassment, racism, and sexism.

To help combat toxicity and other related problems, Riot Games created a dedicated Social and Player Dynamic team.


The team’s lead, Sara Dadafshar, said that “Our goal — our full-on endeavor — is not just to reduce toxicity, but to bring players together as well,”

Dadafshar’s team have already implemented a couple of changes in Valorant like detection systems for players who are AFK and new reporting tools. Players should see the voice-chat moderation implemented soon.

Via: Polygon

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