Huawei is smarting things up to keep your kids safe. This time, they introduced the Huawei 9um Smart Positioning Schoolbag.

As the name suggests, the Huawei 9um Children Schoolbag comes with a built-in GPS and BDS with up to 5CEP outdoor accuracy. This lets parents keep tabs on their kids’ location, especially when they’re out in school where bringing smartphones is not allowed.


The bag is tied with Huawei’s ecosystem. It pairs with app control and the company’s HarmonyOS Connect. Here, parents can set three guard areas: home, school, and others. Parents will then be notified when the bag enters or exits the said areas.

It also has a high-frequency mode that will ping at a fixed point every two minutes so they are aware of the child’s real-time location. The history log is kept for up to three months.


Since it’s Huawei, the bag itself is well-designed for aesthetics and ergonomics. It’s said to have a five-dimensional design that helps reduce the weight in it. The specially designed U-shaped shoulder strap was included for a better fit. Plus, it’s well-cushioned and breathable for better comfort.

The bag is also 6-7cm shorter horizontally, while the special strap ensures lower-back strain.


Probably one notable feature is the inclusion of the 1.54-inch screen, which can display important information like class schedules, theme clocks, electronic signatures, and more. All these tech is protected by the bag’s IP67 water and dust resistance.

The Huawei 9um children schoolback will be available soon. For now, Huawei is recruiting public testers in China to help them improve the product.

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