Another day, another Apple lawsuit. This time, the tech giant is being sued for the apparent false battery claims for the Powerbeats Pro.

The Powerbeats Pro was launched back in 2019 as workout-centric in-ear headphones carrying an Apple H1 chip, with each bud supposedly carrying 9-hours of music playback on a single charge.

Now, the lawsuit that was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern New York District last Thursday claims that the said 9-hour battery in Apple’s marketing is not true.

While Apple did add the words “up to” on the battery claim, Alejandro Vivar, a resident of New York, claims that that’s not the case.

The suit says that the part of the problem is the poorly-designed charging case, resulting in the buds not charging properly. It’s said that the earbuds dislodge from the case, which disrupts the charging process.


They also cited that another reason behind the charging problem is the IPX4 sweat and water resistance claims. It’s said that sweat can corrode the contacts responsible for charging — possible damage that’s not covered by the warranty.

The suit said that Apple gained profits “at the expense of consumers” for not disclosing the issues of the product.

Vivar said that he used the marketing claims of Apple to mean that the Powerbeats Pro’s battery “would last for the time promised, that both earbuds would charge and maintain their charges equally, not be affected by perspiration, and that the charge capability would not be negatively impacted by design or manufacture of the product.”

Besides New York, the lawsuit also represents consumers from Virginia, Rhode Island, South Dakota, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Montana, Michigan, and Georgia. They are represented by Spencer Sheehan of Sheehan and Associated PC, who has experience in a similar case of using Apple marketing claims.

Via: Apple Insider

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