Huawei faces 23 charges from the US Justice Department


The United States Justice Department has finally pressed down 13 criminal charges against Chinese telecommunications giant, Huawei Technologies.

Accusations of misleading tiers about the company’s business and violating sanctions against Iran were filed personally against the daughter of Huawei’s founder, Meng Wanzhou and two of her affiliates.

According to the charges, Meng hoodwinked financial organizations about Huawei’s relationship with Iran, specifically involving Skycom – one of Huawei’s links in Iran. These cases had rekindled tensions between the US and China which was ignited through a bitter trade war.

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Additionally, 10 US federal charges were filed against two more Huawei affiliates for stealing a robot technology from T-Mobile.

Meng was arrested in Vancouver as per Washington, DC’s request and will face a hearing set on February 6 in Canada.

Following the arrest, Huawei released a statement denying all the charges against them. Later on, the Chinese giant has requested to discuss the investigation, but was denied afterwards. Huawei remained firm in stating that the company was not aware of Meng’s offenses and believes that the US courts will eventually reach the same conclusion.


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