Huawei Nova 5 release date announced

For better or worse, the Huawei Nova 5 series is finally arriving.

The Huawei Nova 4 never made its way in the Philippines, and we sure know that the Nova 3 and Nova 3i for last year really needs a follow-up.

Huawei Nova 3 and Nova 3i

And now, we might be close to a successor as the Huawei Nova 5 release date has been confirmed by the company. The said device, possibly together with the Nova 5i, will make its debut in China on June 21, 2019.

However, it looks like both models will still rock some of the features that their predecessors have, albeit in brand new designs. For one, we expect that the Nova 5i model will have the same Kirin 710. A chipset that we’re tired of seeing in a lot of midrange and entry-level Huawei smartphones.

Huawei Nova 4

On the upside, there’s a chance that the more premium Huawei Nova 5 will come with a Kirin 980 processor. The same chipset that the flagship P30 Pro model has. But, there’s still a chance that Huawei will use the Kirin 970 from last year.

Just like the Nova 4, we might see an all-screen display on the newer Nova devices. That was made possible by a punch-hole selfie camera on the front. The two are also rumored to have a triple camera setup on the back, which is really not so surprising.


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