It has just been discovered that select Huawei smartphones were programmed to max out its performance when running 3DMark, one of the biggest performance benchmarking apps in the mobile industry.

After being caught faking camera samples, Huawei is in hot water once again for getting caught cheating in benchmarks.

This discovery was made by AnandTech, in which they uncovered that the Huawei P20 Pro is boosting its performance just to top the 3DMark benchmark scoreboard.

Right after that, UL, the company behind 3DMark, released a statement confirming the authenticity of the initial discovery. UL also said that they have discovered three other Huawei smartphones are guilty of doing the same crime — the P20, Nova 3, and the Honor Play.

As a punishment, UL will be delisting these four devices on their leaderboards.

Huawei defended themselves by stating that its intelligent Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature only did its job by properly allocating the device’s power resources wherever it sees fit, especially in heavy workloads like running a benchmark app.

However, UL ran an internal and unnamed version of the same benchmark app, and all four devices displayed lower scores. This means that the said smartphones weren’t able to boost their performance because they can’t tell that it’s the same 3DMark benchmark app.

Another take away here is that its AI feature should have detected that the unlabeled benchmark software requires more processing power and allocated more resources like Huawei said so, but it failed to deliver.

UPDATE: Huawei and UL issued a statement regarding the issue.


This isn’t the first time that a smartphone manufacturer got caught cheating on benchmark tests. Back in 2013, Samsung was also caught rigging their smartphone’s benchmark results. Other brands like HTC, OnePlus, and Meizu were also found guilty of committing the same misdeed.

In a statement, Huawei said that they will always prioritize the user experience rather than pursuing high benchmark scores. Quite ironic considering that they just got caught cheating on 3DMark.

Via: The Verge

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  1. Totoo po na maganda cameras ng Huawei. This issue right now is about performance which is nahuli sila nandadaya like ibang smartphone manufacturers.

  2. Thank god someone made an article about this, most of the local gadget review sites i visit has not touched this article. Maybe because they are paid by them. What happened to, yugatech, gagdetmatch etc?

    This is a pathetic attempt by huawei to fool buyers into believing they are way ahead smartphone photography. You should be ashamed of yourselves.