Infinix has previously teased the 180W Thunder Charge, a feature that will significantly speed up a device’s charging rate. But it is no longer just a concept anymore, unlike the 160W Fast Charge system, as it is releasing later this year.

Like previous concepts, the goal of the 180W Thunder Charge is to boost a device’s charging speed beyond current standards. More specifically, to charge a 4,500 mAh battery to 50 percent in just four minutes.

Charging at such a speed comes at an inherent risk of raising the device’s temperature. For this reason, Infinix is implementing two different modes that cater for two diverse demands—one, the very fast Furious mode for charging at maximum speed, and another, the Normal mode, for charging at lesser speed but a more manageable temperature.


Infinix went into technical details about how the Thunder Charge works. But without going too pedantic, it revolves around the use of two 8C batteries junction in series, with each handling only 90W of power. Adding to the sophistication of the design is also a complex layer of mechanism aimed at regulating temperature to the minimum.

While the maximum benefit of a 180W Thunder Charge will only be exclusive to the still-unnamed device that Infinix will release in the future, the feature will still work with other devices. Although, it comes with a 60W to 100W capping restriction.

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