The sixth-generation of Intel Core processors, also known under the codename Skylake, has been announced. The chip company calls it its “most scalable processor family ever.”

That means the Skylake generation has the appropriate processors for computers, regardless of their form factors. Be it a full-fledged desktop computer, tablet, PC-on-a-stick or smartphone, Skylake can adapt and provide the necessary computing power. Skylake also makes it possible for computer manufacturers to build thinner laptops.

As the successor to the Broadwell microarchitecture, the Skylake delivers better performance despite using the same 14-nm process technology. This improvement is more noticeable in mobile computing. When pitted against a Core i5 from the Westmere generation, a Skylake-based Core i5 boasts 2.5x, 30x and 3x better performance in terms of processing power, graphics and battery life, respectively.

When it comes to Windows 10, the Skylake processors introduce new features and optimizations. For one, expect a smarter and more useful Cortana thanks to a digital signal processor. You’ll be able to wake a Windows 10 machine on standby by simply uttering the words, “Cortana, wake up.”

Many variations of Skylake processors are already available, but consumers won’t likely be able to buy devices powered by these chips at least until October.

[Source: Intel]

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