ios 11.2

Did your iPhone crash last December 2? Well, it appears that you’re not alone.

As per the folks at iMore, the problem was caused by third-party applications that are dispatching local notifications. Once your iPhone’s calendar ticks to December 2nd, a certain notification is bound to pop-up, which will then crash the device.

Those who were affected by this can do a temporary solution by disabling the notifications or by adjusting the day back before the 2nd of December.

Apple, being quick to respond, has launched the new iOS 11.2 update right away. The new update will not only fix the “December 2” drama but it will also repair bugs and add new features.

Some noticeable items on the change logs are the addition of faster wireless charging to the new iPhones. It will also improve video camera stabilization. For US users, you can now send, request, and receive money via the Apple Pay app that’s built right in on the Messages app.

To update your iPhone and for the full list of the improvements and fixes, simply go to the Software Update tab inside the Settings menu on your iPhone.

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