Man’s attempt at taking flight has taken another baby step as the concept of flying cars becomes more of a reality.

In an experiment that vies to see the potential of an elevating car, Japan’s SkyDrive conducted a test flight with a man onboard.


Lasting for no more than four minutes, the contraption that is powered by multiple propellers managed to float itself several feet off the ground from within a netted area. 

While still a far cry from the more established air vehicles of today, Tomohiro Fukuzawa, SkyDrive honcho, had hopes that the “flying car” shall see fruition by 2023. But places emphasis on the need to come up with a product that is secure and not just capable of levitation.

Considering the demonstrated test phase as a form of success, Fukuzawa highlights the fact that, of the many flying car projects in existence, very few manage to perform successful tests with a human pilot.

Despite being pretty brief at best in its showcase, Tomohiro Fukuzawa claims that the machine is actually capable of longer flight duration at around five to 10 minutes. However, he also states that hitting the 30-minute mark should open more possibilities for the project, including becoming an export to the likes of China.

Via: Japan Times

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