The policy-making body, Metro Manila Council (MMC), which consists of 17 Metro Manila mayors, favored to become more strict regarding Jaywalking violators with unsettled penalties.

To Jaywalk means to cross the street and/or road i-n an unlawful manner disregarding traffic rules or signs. While it’s undisciplined action the people could be guilty of doing, there are still those who test the law by leaving their dues unsettled—not paying their fines or escaping from community service.

In response, MMC decided to become more stern, even taking the names of the violators to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to include their names in the alarm list in order to urge these people to take account of their penalties.

When caught Jaywalking, violators are supposed to be fined with Php500, but they could opt to render a 3-hours of community service every last Friday of the Month.

Local Government Units (LGU), meanwhile, have their own anti-Jaywalking policies which will be enforced by the MMDA. One example of their policy, in Quezon City, is a fine of Php140 (relatively small amount compared to Php500). However, Valenzuela City is much stricter starting with a Php500 fine when caught and 24 hours of community service. Get caught for the 4th time, and you may be fined with up to Php5,000.

“We are delighted that all LGUs in Metro Manila have anti-jaywalking ordinances. We have asked them (LGUs) to deputize our men to give more teeth to the local ordinances.” Says MMDA general manager, Jose Arturo Garcia, further adding that, “If we apprehend a jaywalker and he disregards the ticket, we can file charges for violating a local ordinance and forward his name to NBI.”

Take note that this applies to violators with unsettled penalties (not paying their fines and/or not rendering their community service), but we should always be responsible when using the road.

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