Last week, we were invited to check out the speakers and headphones of a premium brand who recently entered the Philippines.

It took place in Coby’s Gear and Gadgets at the 2nd floor of Shangri-La Mall. I honestly haven’t heard of the brand before this event, and I just did a quick research where I found out that they are a premium brand that sells high-end speakers and headphones.

We were invited to test out the speakers so we entered the theater room they have in the store. The staff played Star Wars and we’re all blown away by how good it sounds even if the volume is blasted so high up. Little did we know that the speakers playing that time costs as much as Php750,000 per pair while the smaller second set is ~Php500,000. That’s when we realized that getting a sound setup with KEF is really not for the average consumer.

Check out some of our photos during the KEF Philippines event.

We were also able to try out some of their headphones and earphones that were on display. I specifically tested the MV500 wireless headphones and it sounded unbelievably great thanks to its excellent sound isolation and 40mm neodymium drivers. Among the earphones, I liked the MV100 because it’s very light and has a unique design. It can also produce awesome sounding music with distinct clarity.

KEF is definitely not for the average consumer but they do have not-so-expensive offerings. If you want to check out what they have to offer, visit them at Coby’s Gear and Gadgets in Shangri-La Mall.

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