It may be easier to upload to social networks, but some still prefer the tangible approach of sharing photos with family and friends. If you prefer the latter, you might want to look for LG’s showcasing of Pocket Photo 2 come CES 2014.

This second-gen device by LG is a so-called “smart mobile printer” that can wirelessly communicate to tablets and smartphones via NFC or Bluetooth. Devices running on iOS and Android platforms are supported, letting users print 2-by-3 inch color pictures without having to connect to a computer. Image outputs are rendered at a crisp 313dpi resolution, made possible by the ZINK inkless printing technology.

LG Pocket Photo 2 in action

An accompanying mobile app Pocket Photo provides editing and customization features, including photo-enhancing filters and frame templates.

The Pocket Photo 2 is now available in China, with a global 2014 launch to follow. Interested buyers can choose between pink, jewel white, and lime yellow color variants.

[Source: LG]

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    1. well, the first Pocket Photo currently sells around $120 on Amazon, so I guess the price for the PP2 should be close to that