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Just like all of the CES events that ever happened, tech brands are keen on showing off crazy new tech there. And LG, being one of the biggest names in the industry today, used the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 to launch their crazy thin LG W-series — the W stands for “Wallpaper”.

As what the branding would suggest, the LG W-series is a line of television that is incredibly thin. This is only 0.23-inch thick — making it even slimmer than most smartphones out today. The front of the display also doesn’t feature any buttons as you’re only seeing the panel itself, guarded with super-thin bezels. And with its OLED panel with 4K resolution, it looks like your just staring at a picture frame (if you can hide the ribbon cable on the wall).

LG W-series-price-availability

LG was able to achieve this by putting nothing other than the actual display panel on the screen. All of the hardware required to power this thing are housed on the chic-looking soundbar that comes with it.

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Other than delivering sound, the soundbar doubles as the main dock for the actual screen, and connects via a thin ribbon cable. The soundbar houses all the ports, processors, power supply, and more.

LG W-series-specs-features

Now, let’s talk about the least exciting part — the specs. The LG W-series TV is available in two flavors. There’s a “small” 65-inch model and the one we’re taking a closer look at, the 77-inch variant. This thing packs almost all of the HDR standards out there (HDR10, HLD, Dolby Vision, and Advanced HDR by Technicolor). It also has a 4K resolution UHD resolution and runs on LG’s webOS 3.5.

Now, if the LG W-series appeals to you, wait until you hear its price. The 66-inch model will cost you for $7,999 (around Php403,600). On the other hand, the 77-inch will be sold for $19,999 (around Php1,009,300). Yup, a price that’s even more expensive than some cars today.

Source: LG

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