In an official blog post, Microsoft announced that they will now stop giving major updates to Windows 10.

The new Windows 10 22H2 version will be the current and final version of the operating system. This essentially means that it won’t get new and exciting features.


But if you’re still running this OS, don’t fret, as Microsoft said that they will continue releasing monthly security patches to all Windows 10 editions until it reaches the end of support date, which is on October 14, 2025.

So, what does this mean for existing Windows 10 users? Microsoft suggests that they switch to Windows 11, which is its current and latest operating system.

But if still want to keep using it, you still can since it will continue getting security updates to keep your device safe from security risks. But after the the end of support date, it’s a must that you upgrade.

After all, jumping to Windows 11 isn’t such a bad idea thanks to new productivity tools, features, and design elements. That’s if, of course, your hardware can still handle and support it.

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