Ninebot, the Chinese company that acquired Segway in 2015, has released the Q80C in China. It’s a smart electric moped that’s marketed for women, capable of traveling 115km on a single battery charge, and can reach up to 45km/h.

The NineBot Q80C is designed with a seating position that is better suited for women. Thanks to its seat cushion with a height of 715mm, even smaller women can have a secure footing while riding. The moped also features a lightweight, sturdy double-tube frame along with a thick sofa texture for the enlarged seat cushion. Its handlebars, including the grips, underwent an antibacterial solution treatment and are SIAA-certified for its cleanliness and germ prevention.  

In terms of performance, the NineBot Q80C has three gears for different maximum speeds: 25km/h, 32km/h, and 45km/h. How it manages to have a maximum riding range of 115km is because of its RideyLONG battery, which can also be found in other Ninebot products such as the KickScooter Max G2 with 70km max range and the F90M e-scooter with 90km max range.


Other features of the NineBot Q80C include an intelligent LED lighting system and a traction control system, both of which are meant to help with riding safety and stability. As for connectivity features, the Q80C can be unlocked via smartphone, card swipes, and induction. Its anti-theft system helps prevent theft and protect the moped from unauthorized access.

Interested buyers can buy the Ninebot Q80C at It’s priced at 3,799 yuan (approx. ₱30,520).

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