Motorola is set in reviving a classic phone favorite from the early 2000s with the comeback of the RAZR flip phone projected to be released this year.

Pronounced as Razor, also known as the Siliqua, is a series of mobile phones manufactured by Motorola with the V3 model being the first phone released in 2004 making use of what is called a ‘clamshell’ design.

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, the parent company, Lenovo, partners up with Verizon Communication on an exclusive deal to begin selling these new Razr devices in the United States come February. Lenovo also plans to manufacture only 200,000 units.

The new Motorola RAZR will feature a new folding screen as one of its striking factors, but there are plenty of details we are not yet aware with this device — information such as the specifications, screen size, and even form factor. We can only expect that despite staying close to the original models, there will be major improvements towards how the phone will function.

From the former price range of the previous Motorola models ranging roughly from USD 69 to USD 99, it is a jaw-dropping fact to know this upcoming RAZR phone will be available for a mighty USD 1,500 (~Php78,500).

Apparently, there may be delays from the said release of February 2019 as the new Moto Razr flip phone is still being tested and is susceptible to changes.

Via: The Verge

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