People have reservations about slider smartphones due to possible durability issues. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will try to break that stigma, as proven by the durability test conducted by YouTube Zack Nelson (JerryRigsEverything).

The YouTuber ran the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 through its usual and painful-to-watch phases that will determine how sturdy this device is. You can watch the actual video below.

Zack started with the screen scratch test. Out of 10 increasingly painful metal bits, the screen started to scratch at the 6th and 7th metal bit. This is just on par with most tempered glass smartphones in the market today.

The dual front cameras are also well-protected with sturdy glass. Plus, Zack found out that there’s a slight gap between the actual device and the display to prevent the internals from rubbing together. However, this makes it vulnerable to dirt or grain of sand that may hurt the internals.


Xiaomi used an aluminum chasis, which is evident when the YouTube scrapped the paint.

Probably the most impressive component of the design is the ceramic back panel, which is more sturdy than glass. Unlike the screen on the front, the back panel was able to withstand the 8th metal bit from Zack’s rig.


Saving the best for last, there’s the bend test. And as what you saw on the video, it did have some flex but didn’t really break the device. No harm was done and everything is still in good condition.

Clearly, Xiaomi put a lot of hard work in ensuring that the Mi Mix 3 doesn’t only look good, but is also sturdy enough to outlive other smartphones in the market today.

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