Other than the health crisis delaying production, crypto miners are one of those being blamed for the worldwide graphics card shortage.

That’s why NVIDIA released LHR (Lite Hash Rate) versions of the RTX 3060 Ti, 3070, and 3080, which limits the GPU’s mining performance by 50%.

Via VideoCardz

However, it appears that NBMiner found a way to bypass the limiter for these cards. The latest report reveals that the new version of their software was able to restore the LHR cards’ hashrate up to 70%, but the developers recommend miners to settle at 68% for better stability.

This new one works on both Windows and Linux, albeit only supports Ethash. It’s been estimated that an RTX 3060 Ti LHR could have a hashrate of up to 41MH/s, putting it up against the RTX 2070 and Radeon RX5600 XT.

Meanwhile, the RTX 3070 can achieve up to 42.16MH/s (from 31MH/s), RTX 3080 to 66.64MH/s (from 49MH/s), and the RTX 3090 at 81.6MH/s (from 60MH/s).

Via: VideoCardz

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