It looks like Netflix accidentally revealed its new account-sharing rules after it was posted in its help center last Tuesday.

The said help center article, which was applicable in Peru, Costa Rica, and Chile, went live a few days ago by accident and has since then been taken down. But thanks to Internet Archives, we were still able to see it, thus giving us a peek at how Netflix will be cracking down on account sharers.



Now, here’s some good news. From what it looks like, the new rules will allow you to share Netflix access as long as you live in the same home. This means that you can use the same account even if you’re traveling, visiting a friend’s house, or at work.

TVs, mobile devices, and laptops that regularly use the account from the owner’s “primary location” will be considered “trusted devices.”

But what if you don’t use Netflix at home? Well, the document said that as long as you regularly connect to the WiFi of the primary location, even if you don’t open Netflix, you’re good to go.

If you’re thinking of using VPN, don’t bother. Netflix warned VPN users that if they use one, they will lose access.

Meanwhile, for users who will travel and may be stuck in a different place, Netflix said that they can request a special temporary code that will give them access for seven days. The primary account holder can also update the primary location if they will be away from home for more than 31 days.

But if you really want to share your account with a friend or family living in a different home or location, Netflix is yet to announce the new fee they’ll be charging for that.

The new account-sharing rules is expected to take effect by the end of March.

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