Nokia is going at feature phones again. This time, catering to the local masses in China with devices—the Nokia 215 and Nokia 225—capable of LTE connectivity, including support for VoLTE and HD Calls on all three of the country’s network carriers.

Physical layout-wise, the difference between the Nokia 215 4G and Nokia 225 4G is like night and day, giving the impression of the more “premium” build on the Nokia 225 4G over the Nokia 215 4G.

Another major disparity between the two models is the apparent lack of the VGA camera at the back of the Nokia 215 4G, which the Nokia 225 4G has.


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There’s not much information regarding the two device’s specifications, but is something many consumers would not be too worried about considering the products’ intended simplicity in usage.

The Nokia 215 4G comes in either color Black or Green and has a price tag of CNY 289 (~Php2,100) Meanwhile, the Nokia 225 4G offers three varieties namely Black, Blue, or Gold, and has a price tag of CNY 349 or Php2,500.

Source: Weibo

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