But, depending on how you tolerate puns, Samsung’s new 4-minute ad for the Galaxy Note 4 would either put a smile on your face and drive you up the wall. I was dancing in the thin line when I was watching it, though. There ARE some funny and entertaining moments, and you’d really feel for the people around them as the two protagonists play their Note-based pun game (the barrista was especially amusing).

It’s like the ones who made the ad know how irritating puns are, and the funny bits were successful in making the copious amount of puns more tolerable.To note (no pun intended), I’m glad they didn’t make a commercial bashing iPhone this time around. While that doesn’t get old (or at least for me. I hate Apple), commercials that don’t rely on bashing a competitor’s product stand out for me. If you haven’t watched it yet, take a look and hopefully be amused.


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