With the December 1, 2020 deadline drawing near, hundreds of motorists are queueing up the sideways of Mindanao Avenue at the North Luzon Expressway toll plaza for the installment of EasyTrip radiofrequency identification sticker.

However, to alleviate the issue caused by the slow processing with the existing system, the Metro Pacific Tollway Corporation is announcing to the public that, starting Tuesday, anyone can now book their appointment online. 

According to the announcement, anybody who is opting for an online appointment may, partially, be able to do so by scanning a QR code, which will appear on EasyTrip’s Facebook page as well as the official website.


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Part also of the booking process is the filling up of an online form where the applicant may choose to indicate the specific time, date, and location where the RFID sticker will be installed.

Keen on mitigating the problem further, the Metro Pacific Tollway Corporation shows resolve by claiming to deploy more appointment-only installation sites in the near future.

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