OPPO, one of the leading brands that are pushing smartphone innovations, has unleashed the hybrid optical zoom camera technology that allows 10x optical zoom capability.

Back in Mobile World Congress 2017, OPPO showcased a prototype of a smartphone camera system that includes 5x optical zoom. They dubbed it as “5X Dual Camera Zoom” technology. Unfortunately, it didn’t make it to the market.


And this year, OPPO surprisingly had gone beyond their initial prototype and finally announced a 10x hybrid zoom that will be included in their future smartphone. It has a dimension of 15.9mm x 15.9mm, with three prime lenses built on a single module.

This means that the new zoom technology can start from an ultrawide perspective and zoom into medium telephoto. That’s being aided by optical image stabilization.


OPPO is not only working on its 10x zoom technology but also hustling up an advancement to their optical in-display fingerprint technology. As per the company, they are making the scope area 15 times larger than the first generation.

This means that you can unlock the device anywhere at the bottom half of the screen, instead of only having it in a limited area. The new technology shall also let the device recognize two fingerprints at once.

It’s not yet clear but OPPO plans to show off these developments at the MWC 2019, which will happen next month.

Via: XDA Developers

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