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Honor 10 Lite: A well-equipped selfie smartphone


We’re just a few days away until the Honor 10 Lite finally arrives in the Philippines.

In our hands-on review, we pointed out a couple of things that we initially liked about this device. There’s the reliable Kirin 710 processor, a large and vibrant screen, and a really stunning design.


One of its biggest features is its 24-megapixel AI selfie camera. And today, we would like to dig in further and thoroughly test out the Honor 10 Lite’s selfie shooter. We shall see if this pixel-packed sensor with smart software features are really worth bragging about.

First, let’s take a look at the actual quality of the 24-megapixel sensor. The first batch of sample images below was taken without any AI or software filters.

As you can see, the images look really sharp and well-detailed. This is really not surprising at all as the front-facing camera selfie of the Honor 10 Lite is even better than the rear shooters that most devices have.

Details pop, colors are fairly accurate, and the contrast — for as long as you set the exposure right before taking a picture — is really top notch.

Those pictures are obviously taken in good lighting scenarios. But how about in low-light? Check the next batch of samples below.

Indoor photos with unpredictive lighting are still really good. The fast AI can even detect if it’s too dark or if you’re in a pitch black room. When it does, it enables the flash mode, which adds a lighter border on the viewfinder that emits more screen backlight, so it lights up your face.

The entire screen will turn into white, acting as a flash, when you hit the shutter button.

Speaking of AI, this handset works really fast thanks to the Kirin 710 processor on the inside. It knows if you’re taking a picture in low-light, thus enabling the aforementioned effect. It also knows if you’re taking pictures outdoors as it tries to set the exposure right to prevent overblowing the highlights.

The camera app itself is pretty straightforward. You can slide through different shooting modes (Photo, Video, Night, Portrait Mode, ETC). There’s a slider that lets you adjust different beauty and lighting modes. You can also use the volume down button to conveniently take a picture.

Since we’re in the subject of face beauty, the said feature works well on this device. You can fine-tune it through different levels from 0 to 10. I find Level 5 the sweet spot. It looks way better than Level 1, but not too overblown like Level 10.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a real Honor smartphone without the novelty camera features

The Honor 10 Lite takes advantage of the powerful processor through its AR Lens feature. This allows the device to create Snapchat-like face filters, which augments different elements on the image (or even video) as if they are really there.

It can also change the background which creates a fun experience. You can use this to send quirky video messages to friends and family.

There are tons of filters that come pre-installed on the Honor 10 Lite. But if you want more, you can expand the library by downloading more filters right within the camera app.


To wrap it up, Honor really nailed the camera experience on the Honor 10 Lite. Other than capturing great quality images and better-looking images, it also comes with a slew of novelties that makes it more fun to use.

And if you’re one who’s been eyeing this device, the wait is almost over. The official price of the Honor 10 Lite will be revealed on January 22 during its official launch in the Philippines.

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