The app called CoverScreen OS is back again. This time, it focuses on the new OPPO Find N2 Flip.

Developer IJP has revealed the first preview version of the new CoverScreen OS app update. The new update has one new functionality: unlocking more capabilities to the cover display of the new OPPO Find N2 Flip.

The new feature was first available on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Now, it also supports the outer screen of the OPPO Find N2 Flip. What makes it special is that it unlocks more capabilities for the outer screen, almost turning it like a mini phone.

Once installed, you’d have the ability to navigate, interact, and launch applications like what you can do with the main screen. It also has widget support, however, the company did admit that not all apps and widgets work.

As you can see from the videos above, you have the ability to launch YouTube and watch videos right from the small outer display. You can also use Google Chrome and browse the web. Since the screen is small, there’s a special keyboard interface so you can type using a method you’re comfortable with.

The company’s official announcement reveal these features:

  • Cover Launcher/App Launcher/Drawer
  • Support for all third party Apps homescreen widgets
  • Quick Toggles – a TON load of them!
  • Navigation gestures
  • Notifications
  • Powerful Media screen – multiple sessions, scrub through the track and additional controls that are not available in
  • Samsung’s Stock OS for cover screen
  • Voice, QWERTY, T9 full keyboard support
  • Works on top of Oppo’s launcher, so you still have access to System Quick Toggles and widgets!

The new CoverScreen OS app is now available on the Google Play Store for the OPPO Find Flip N2 and the Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 and 4.

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