Way back in 2017, OPPO introduced a 5X optical zoom solution for smartphones. The technology was demoed and never been showcased inside a working smartphone.

But in this latest development, the Chinese tech company is ready to introduce their 10x lossless zoom technology in a working smartphone. OPPO has distributed the invite to an event happening on China this January 16 — which will be the stage to this anticipated device.


How this latest feature works is pretty clever. There are the standard 5P lens and a camera sensor sitting up front for the casual snaps.

On the side of the first sensor is a 90-degree prism that will redirect the light into a second, vertically oriented camera sensor with extra magnifying lenses which will unlock the 10X zoom feature

This extra sensor also boasts an optical image stabilizer, which is essential for having this much telephoto capability.


However, reports suggest that there is still limited information about the actual device sporting this technology. Which leads us to assume that the device that they will be revealing is a concept one. Or hopefully, a smartphone that will launch on a much later date.

But whatever the case may be, we’re pretty excited on what this new feature will bring in smartphones in the future.

Source: MyDrivers

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