The entire industry got really excited when Sony finally unveiled the Playstation 5’s hardware and design.

Since it’s still in its early stages, Sony didn’t bother to reveal the price. However, video game retailer Play Asia went ahead and put up the PlayStation 5 for pre-order on their website with a price tag baring the jaw-dropping price of USD699 (~Php35,200).

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That seems to be a placeholder as the price has been taken down since the media’s first sighting. Now, the listing only shows the expected ship date of the console, which will be in December 2020.

I gotta say, we’re pretty relieved. If you remember, the Playstation 4 was initially introduced for USD399.99 or Php24,999 in the Philippines.


Sure, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of problems in the supply chain, but a USD699 will be an unbearable 2x jump over its predecessor price. The announcement of the PS5 Digital Edition also suggests that there’s going to be a more affordable option. So clearly, budget-conscious gamers is Sony’s top-priority for Sony.

Sony shall reveal the official price of the PlayStation 5 as its availability in the market comes near, which is expected to be this holiday season.

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