In case you missed it, it looks like Cherry Mobile will be entering the trendy accessories market. However, they’re not doing with the Cherry Mobile brand. No, the pioneer local brand will be going under the name Pyxis to market popular gadgets like power banks and speakers.

The most popular mobile accessory these days seems to be power banks and Pyxis will be hitting the market with not one, not two, but four different capacities. The T10 10,400mAh and T5 5,200mAh models use lithium ion power packs while the B6 6,000mAh and B4 4,000mAh power banks use lithium polymer. One technology is more expensive than the other, which explains the weird difference in pricing between the four power banks.

Pyxis Smartphone Accessories

Next to power banks, portable speakers are probably the next most popular choice when it comes to trendy mobile accessories, and Pyxis has quite an initial selection to offer. The Mini Bass and Mini Bass 2 are the entry level Bluetooth speakers and can be had for Php1,290 and Php990 respectively. If you’re looking for a speaker that doubles as a power bank, you can get one for as low as Php1,490 with the Fun Box.

Now, if you’re looking for a speaker that you can use at a pool party, Cherry Mobile has you covered. There’s the IPX3-certified Pyxis Impulse, which is splash-proof. Of course, if you’re afraid that the speaker might end up getting dunked in the pool, there’s the IPX7-certified Pyxis Wave.

Other Pyxis accessories you might consider are the Pyxis Music Clock (not pictured), Bambox and Clicker. The first two are both speakers while the Clicker is a notification accessory that pairs with your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. Quite an interesting selection of trendy devices if you ask me.

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