Realme OS coming soon to replace ColorOS


Realme CEO Madhav Sheth revealed that they are working on their own user-interface that might soon replace the existing ColorOS. An interface that they’re sharing with OPPO.

It appears that ColorOS can’t provide some of the features that Realme fans are craving for on their smartphones. And being a consumer-centric brand, Realme is currently developing their own Realme OS to satisfy its patrons.


Unlike Huawei’s HarmonyOS, the Realme OS is expected to be not standalone and will be based on the upcoming Android Q operating system.

Sheth stated that, although they aim to provide the same performance that stock Android provides, the CEO does not believe that it delivers the right experience.

With the Realme OS, the company aims to add features to Android Q that’s tailored for the features that their hardware provides, and to deliver the demands of their fans in general.

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The said interface is expected to arrive later this year or at Q1 of 2020. Sheth said that Realme is working on a big surprise before Diwali, a festival in India happening on October 27.

This could be the time where Realme will officially unveil their own OS. Or if we’re lucky, we’d be hearing more about it next week when the Realme 5 series makes their official debut on August 20.

Via: XDA Developers

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