The numbers are in, and from what it looks like, Realme still dominated the Philippine smartphone market.

A Canalys report shared by a Realme Philippines executive reveals that the company was the top smartphone vendor in Q4 2021, continuing the brand’s winning streak. The brand took 20% of the market share with an annual growth of 8%.


While Vivo climbed at the second spot, the brand actually experienced a quite painful -27% growth. Its sister company, OPPO, who’s in the fourth spot, also experienced a drop in growth at -47%.

The company with the biggest annual growth for Q4 2021 was Transsion at a staggering 228%. This shouldn’t be a surprise since it has two smartphone brands under its name, TECNO Mobile and Infinix, both of which are capturing people’s attention with their affordable smartphones.

While posing a decent 46% annual growth, Samsung fell at fifth place for Q4 2021 with a 13% market share.

Sadly, Xiaomi didn’t make it in the holiday top 5. However, for the entire 2021, the company actually took the fifth spot with an 11% market share while boasting a 103% annual growth.

For this list, Realme still dominates at 23%. The second placer, Vivo, falls far behind with a 16% market share, with OPPO coming in close at 15%, and Samsung at 13%.

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