Tired of your siblings hogging all your internet bandwidth? Do you need an exclusive and unshared internet connection just for you? PLDT has heard people with such needs and launched its latest MyOwnWiFi plans.

You can get the new PLDT MyOwnWiFi plans on top of your main monthly internet plan. The best part is, this secondary internet offers the same speed as your base plan, but it will only cost 50% of the monthly service fee.

For example, the 50Mbps MyOwnWiFi plan will only cost Php849, versus the price of the standard 50Mbps Unli Fiber plan that’s worth Php1,699.

This device only comes with 1 mesh WiFi device, which you’d be connecting on the LAN 2 port of your existing modem from your main plan. Basically, that’s it, no further installation is needed.


The mesh device gives you your own connection at home, so you can enjoy uncompromised and exclusive internet speeds for a more reliable connection. Great for online schooling, work-from-home and online meetings, gaming, streaming, binge-watching, and more.

The plan comes in four tiers that start with speeds of 15Mbps and up to 300Mbps. You can check the rest below.

List of PLDT MyOwnWiFi plans

PLDT MyOwnWiFi 649• up to 15Mbps
• 1 mesh WiFi device
PLDT MyOwnWiFi 849• up to 50Mbps
• 1 mesh WiFi device
PLDT MyOwnWiFi 1049• up to 1000Mbps
• 1 mesh WiFi device
PLDT MyOwnWiFi1349• up to 300Mbps
• 1 mesh WiFi device

You can easily apply for a MyOwnWiFi subscription by visiting the PLDT website and providing your 10-digit account number, PLDT landline number, and contact details.

The monthly fee will be added to your existing monthly bill. Bear in mind that the plans come with a 24-month lock-in period.

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