International Data Corporation’s (IDC) Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker released a report just last week. It shows the top 5 smartphone vendors in the country, with Vivo getting the number 5 spot. However, despite falling behind, this is actually a good sign for the Chinese company.

As per the report, Vivo has shown a significant 66% of quarter-to-quarter growth. That’s the reason they are now sitting next to Cherry Mobile, Samsung, OPPO, and Cloudfone on the list.

The figures were bolstered thanks to numerous brand placements. If you’d notice, you can see Vivo’s name pretty much anywhere. They have TV, print and billboard ads. In addition to that, Vivo’s acquisition of the endorsement of NBA superstar Stephen Curry also helped a lot.

The brand is also conducting weekly mall tours from in and out of Metro Manila. The events feature local celebrities like Andrea Brillantes, Sue Ramirez, and more.

Sales-promoter incentives also played a key role in Vivo’s current success, a strategy that OPPO is utilizing on their own. All these, together with their current smartphone offerings, led to an overall good year for the company

“Vivo disrupted the smartphone retail space through cash-rich marketing, aggressive
sales promoter incentives and previously unseen levels of retailer support,” — Jerome Dominguez, Market Analyst, IDC Asia-Pacific

According to the report, we can still expect the sales figure to spike. This is due to Vivo’s rapid growth, and the upcoming Christmas season.

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