Is your closet on the verge of bursting, full of forgotten stuff you used to use a lot? Maybe it’s time to sell them and earn some extra cash! Here’s how.

If you’re thinking about putting up a garage sale, that’s nice. But an even better idea is selling your items online. Enter OLX Philippines. It’s basically like those classifieds that you see in newspapers but are listed in a website instead. For one thing, online classifieds have better exposure, more versatile, and easier to do. For another, OLX is free!

We’ll let their Yesss, Yaman! video further explain the prospects of selling items over the Internet. But to put it simply, what may now be useless junk to you are probably valuable items other people are willing to pay big bucks for.

I recently did some spring cleaning of my own and found many forgotten items I bought through the years. My stuff always gets replaced only a few months of use, since I prefer to own the latest gadgetries—a habit I’m sure every other techies have. So here are some old stuff I unearthed from the depths of oblivion that is my locker:

  • HP laptop bag (original price: Php500)
  • Wireless Bluetooth headset (original price: Php2,500)
  • 8GB USB flash drive (original price: Php280)
  • A4Tech travel mouse (original price: Php400)
  • Bluetooth USB adapter (original price: Php200)
  • 3G Internet stick (bundled from a Globe postpaid plan)

I also currently own a Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 wireless earbuds, which I bought for Php3,990. It’ll no longer be of use to me someday, and it could be worth a great deal of money when I sell it. I also plan to sell my aging laptop along with its triple display setup. They’re still fine for my working needs, but I’m starting to notice the decrease in performance as I play the latest video games. I also don’t mind bigger secondary monitors for extra screen real estate.

Laptop with multiple displays

Reselling my old stuff would give me extra cash, so I wouldn’t have to burn a lot through my savings. And thus I searched for a couple of tips to increase the chances of selling my used items. If you’re finding a hard time moving your stuff online yourself, check out these selling tips:

  • It’s best that you follow instructions set by OLX Philippines (and/or other online marketplaces you plan to sell at) for faster ad approval.
  • Be clear in your item descriptions. Indicated any defects or damages in secondhand items, though justify such negativities so as not to discourage any potential buyers. For instance, you can say that your cellphone’s battery no longer holds the same charge that it used to, but it’s easily replaceable.
  • Make sure your contact information is updated. You need to be easily reachable by interested buyers.
  • Price your items competitively if you want to move your items fast. The price doesn’t have to be very cheap, just within a realistic value range.
  • Promote your posted ads via social media.
  • Arrange a personal meet-up for a secure transaction. Especially when you’re the one who is buying, make sure that you get in touch with the seller in a physical, public location (such as a mall, coffee shop, etc.) to inspect the items you want to buy.

Learn more about the Yesss, Yaman Movement!. Want to share your experience in selling online? Let it out in the comments below!

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