Samsung had just recently disclosed its surprises for 2020, shedding light to the existence of the Galaxy Note 20 series in addition to Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Tab S7, and other highlights.

As if those revelations were not enough, Samsung made a bombshell by also announcing of the company’s plan to continue giving Android updates to its products for “up to three generations.”

That is a strong statement, considering that there are not that many smartphone companies aside from Apple that are committed to providing continued support to their old products, past the first or second-year mark.


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But must Samsung’s announcement be taken literally or does it mean something else that speaks only to a portion of its target market’s overall demographics?

While those who own any of Samsung’s recent flagship devices is likely to see the statement as real, the idea might not necessarily apply to those who own the manufacturer’s entry-level and midrange devices, like those in the A-series.

The notion, if anything, comes with the sentence that states, “Availability of feature and security updates may vary by device and country. Update supported for flagship models from Galaxy S10 (Android 9) or later.”

When Android Police asked for a comment regarding this new development, a Samsung representative has confirmed it to be accurate.

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