A leakster in X (formerly Twitter) claims that Samsung is working on four high-end camera sensors. There’s the 50-megapixel GN6 sensor, 200-megapixel HP7 sensor, an unknown 320-megapixel, and a whopping 440-megapixel HU1 sensor.

Unlike the rest, the 440-megapixel HU1 sensor may not be intended for mobile devices. Instead, it could be for industrial uses or as part of a sensor for cars and other vehicles. Still, considering how ludicrous camera resolutions on mobile phones have become, we might still see a sensor like this on a Galaxy device in years to come.



The 320-megapixel camera is speculated to be heading toward Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S series. However, don’t get too excited, as it is still in development and the leaker suggests that it may not arrive until the Galaxy S26 Ultra, which could still be about 3 years from now.


We’ve already seen 200-megapixel cameras in the market. However, this rumored HP7 sensor apparently didn’t go into production as it’s more expensive to manufacture while only providing marginally better image quality than the 200-megapixel HP2 sensor that’s already on the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Finally, we have the most interesting of the bunch, the 50-megapixel GN6 sensor. This one apparently boasts a large 1-inch size with 1.6µm pixels, which may compete with the popular Sony IMX989. Albeit, it’s apparently too expensive for Samsung to use in its own products, so may see it instead from other brands.

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