Not a stranger to special edition phones donned with aesthetics resembling a particular theme, Samsung is at it again as it launches the BTS-themed Galaxy S20 Plus Special Edition. In line with the dazzling purple-colored phone is the Galaxy Buds Plus.

UPDATE as of June 23, 2020

Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy Buds+ BTS Editions price in the Philippines

  • Samsung Galaxy S20+ — Php57,990
  • Galaxy Buds+ — Php8,990

Fans of the Korean boy band group, should find this latest special edition to be emblematic of the idol band given the BTS logo embossed at the back, the purple exterior (purple is heavily attributed to BTS), and a heart icon which makes part of the camera array.


Aside from the cosmetics on the phone itself, the BTS Special Edition also features unique contents in it, such as a handful of BTS-inspired themes. Further fueling the BTS hype, it will also have the Weverse pre-installed as well as memorabilia in a BTS-themed box. To the unaware, Weverse is a social media platform designed especially for BTS fans.

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The Galaxy Buds Plus, including its charging case, also makes for an extraordinary complement to the Samsung flagship special edition based primarily on cosmetics, based on color choice as well as use of iconography.


Eager fans who would choose to preorder either the Galaxy S20 Plus or the Galaxy Buds Plus will see themselves getting a BTS poster as part of their purchase (double the poster if preordering both). 

But more than just getting twice the poster freebie by order both the phone and the accessory, those who chose to do so also gets the benefit of pre-ordering the Galaxy Buds Plus at 50% discount.


Alternatively, those who chose to pre-order the accessory only gets the advantage of getting a BTS-themed wireless charger.

Availability of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Special Edition and the Galaxy Buds Plus start on July 9, 2020 at Samsung’s Amazon page. Pre-order starts on June 19, 2020.

Source: Samsung

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