Ookla’s mobile performance report, which is a study that sought to compare how certain devices go toe-to-toe with the big brands—Apple, Google, and Samsung—has revealed its findings from Q1 2023.

Based on the factors of download and upload speed, availability, consistency, etc., the mobile performance report is derived from the 5 major carriers in the US and how other popular brands stack up to them based on the criteria of download and upload speed, and latency.


The iPhone 14 Pro Max which saw reigning last report for having the highest median download speed at 147 Mbps appears to have been dethroned in Q1 2023. Beating the Apple flagship are two of Samsung’s and one of Google’s. Respectively, the Galaxy S23 Ultra at 161.86Mbps download speed and the Galaxy Z Fold4 at 143.56Mbps, and the Pixel 7 Pro at 132.57Mbps download speed. Meanwhile, the iPhone 14 Pro Max dropped to the fourth position with a download speed of 130.99Mbps, making the Galaxy S23 Ultra 23 percent faster.

In terms of upload speed, the competition is close across all devices, with each significantly upping the other by a small margin, but with the Galaxy Z Fold4 displaying lower performance than the Pixel 7 Pro and the 14 Pro Max amid its placement.

As for latency, the Pixel 7 Pro beat the competition by some milliseconds at 50 ms.

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