Wearables are obviously the next big thing in consumer technology and Google has certainly made things easier for manufacturers to make them thanks to Android Wear. While Samsung initially wanted to stick to its Tizen platform with their smartwatches and other future wearables, it now appears that they will be unveiling their own Android Wear smartwatch at the upcoming Google I/O.

Android Wear
This is what Android Wear mostly looks like

According to a report by CNET, Samsung is currently working on a couple of Android Wear devices. One sports a Qualcomm chip while the other has Samsung’s own home-baked chip running under the hood. Samsung already has a headstart over its competitors, having released three wearables in the past year or so, but LG and Motorola have also revealed their own plans for Android Wear devices, so it should be interesting how they will all fare against each other.

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