The world is about to experience yet another new Samsung smartphone. This, however, isn’t the usual Android handset. The Samsung Z9005 Redwood thinks differently by running on a new platform, Tizen OS.

For those who don’t know, Tizen is an upcoming mobile operating system developed by Samsung. Like Android, it’s based on Linux and meant to work on a wide range of devices: smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, car navigation systems, etc. Tizen also shares some similarities with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI for the company’s Android-based devices, though the circular icons are pretty much inspired by the now-discontinued MeeGo OS.

If ever you’re tired of the same old Android and iOS devices (and if Windows Phone and Blackberry alternatives are also not working out for you anymore), check out the Samsung Z9005 Redwood video above. A good chunk of Tizen is shown there, including the settings, the camera interface, notifications, and more.

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