The Android operating system isn’t bound to just smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. According to media reports, Hyundai and Kia will soon churn out automobiles that use the mobile platform, making them the first automakers to use Android for in-car navigation systems.

Kia’s own incorporation of Android is known as UVO 2.0, hopefully just one of many audio video navigation systems that future cars will soon integrated in their systems. The UVO 2.0 is first headed to the upcoming Kia Soul and Hyundai Genesis, both of which are scheduled for this year end’s release. All new cars to be released in 2014 will also implement the system.

There’s not much detail available as to how UVO 2.0 works, though reports mention interactivity between car and smartphone for several purposes, such as multimedia consumption. Apps are being planned to be included too. Google Maps for turn-by-turn voice navigation, anyone?

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