Almost all high-end smartphones boast their “up to 2TB microSD card” support. However, there’s actually no commercially available microSD card with that capacity just yet. But with the latest Sandisk and Micron 1TB microSD cards, we’re getting close to that reality.

You heard it right, a 1TB microSD card is now a thing. That may not be as large as the expected 2TB capacity, but 1000-gigs worth of storage is still really enormous. Both the Sandisk and Micron 1TB microSD cards were revealed at MWC 2019.


For a perspective, a 1TB storage can hold approximately 180,000+ 16-megapixel photos and over 40hrs of 4K smartphone video.

The Sandisk 1TB microSD card brags 160Mb/s of read speeds and 90Mb/s on write speeds. It will be available starting this April for a whopping price of USD449.99 (~Php26,000).

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On the other hand, the Micron 1TB microSD card is slightly slower with only 100Mb/s of read speeds and 9Mb/s of write speeds. That’s 60Mb/s and 5Mb/s slower in read and write speeds, respectively, when compared to Sandisk’s offering.

Micron is yet to announce the official pricing details of their 1TB mobile storage solution. However, it’s expected to arrive in Q2 of 2019.

But, with prices that high, you might want to just go with some smartphones that actually offers 1TB of internal storage — including the latest Galaxy S10 Plus.

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