CyberArk researcher Eran Shimony has shared a critical piece of information which suggests that a major flaw is discovered among top anti-malware solutions, like Kaspersky, Windows Defender, etc., making Windows computers becoming more vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks.

In the report, Shimony claims how an existing exploit in the system render illicit access to Windows’ “C:/ProgramData” folder, which is the typical repository of user data without needing for additional permissions.

With the location as an entry point, the malicious attacker gains an elevated access to the system, giving it power to cause damage in an arbitrary manner.


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Adding to the issue, a DLL hijacking flaw is also discovered in both Fortinet and Trend Micro which allows for the placement of a malicious DLL file that grants the cyber criminal elevated permission over the system.

As of writing, all the affected anti-malware vendor had their respective issues resolved.

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