The country with the fastest Internet—South Korea—is about to get even faster. Its top wireless telecommunications operator SK Telecom has announced its plans to deploy a mobile Internet service that goes as fast as 300 megabits per second.

How fast is 300Mbps? It’s lightning fast. An 800MB movie, for instance, only takes 22 seconds to be downloaded. It’s considerably fast in comparison to older technologies. SK Telecom’s current LTE-Advanced service (announced back in June) only offers 150Mbps, translating to 43 seconds to download the same video. The regular or standard LTE, on the other hand, takes 85 seconds, whereas 3G Internet is 7 minutes and 24 seconds slow.

Calling it 3band LTE-Advanced, SK Telecom has reached such speed by aggregating different frequency bands—20MHz and 1.8GHz bands combined with the 10MHz and 800MHz bands. The first demo of this next-gen LTE-A will be held in February, specifically at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Consumer availability in South Korea is scheduled later this year, though the service will be obviously just accessible by devices that can support it.

Meanwhile, the Philippines lags behind with an average of just 1.4Mbps. Our actual Internet speed may be even slower when certain factors are considered.

[Via: TheNextWeb]

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