With a gigantic 6.4-inch screen, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra is quite near the borderline between phone and tablet form factors. So instead of using this unwieldy device to make phone calls, why not just turn it into a mere tablet? Sony has done so by releasing a Wi-Fi-only model.

We recently did recognize the Sony Xperia Z Ultra to be among the best phablets, but its size puts it to a more limited market. Turning it into a tablet seems to be a good choice by Sony. Its hardware specifications put it on par with other high-quality slates, but the suggested retail price of approximately $500 is a bit expensive.

It appears every aspect of this device is the same as the original, with the sole exception of the former having no cellular radios. To summarize, users get to enjoy quad-core Snapdragon processing, 2GB of RAM, dustproof and waterproof casing, and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. There’s also 16GB onboard storage, 4G LTE support, and an ample 3000mAh battery.

This Wi-Fi-only Sony Xperia Z Ultra will retail this week in Japan, with no official announcement given regarding international release. A Google Play edition for the device is also available.

[Via: TheVerge]
[Source: Sony]

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