Back in March, Smart Bro launched a new volume-based Internet subscription called Big Bytes. Today, several of its packages offer better value. This includes Big Bytes 50, which now features 350MB of Internet access plus 600MB worth of streaming on iFlix, Fox and Spinnr.

To subscribe to Big Bytes 50, just text the keyword BIG50 to 9999 or 2200. In addition to SMS, the subscription is also available via the Smart online store or the Smart Bro dashboard software when you connect your Smart Bro device.

So what can you do with 350MB of open access? Several things, and seemingly anything you can do online: social media, browsing, downloading, and streaming services not covered by the extra 600MB consumable data.

Check the table below for the complete list of available packages. Frugal folks with minimal Internet requirements can go for Big Bytes 5 and spend only Php5, whereas heavy Internet users can choose Big Bytes 999 for Php999. The validity becomes longer (and the price higher) when you opt for a bigger package. Regardless of the package, all subscribed users can enjoy Internet speeds of up to 42Mbps.

Smart Bro Big Bytes table

Once you’ve spent your allocated volume, your subsequent surfing activities will be charged to your other existing Smart Bro loads. The regular rate for surfing is Php5 per 15 minutes. If you don’t like to go online without a Smart Bro subscription package, just enable Load Protect via the Smart Bro Dashboard. This should help prevent excess data charges and “nakaw load”.

Previously, Big Bytes 50 offered less data volume for both open access and streaming services. Some other packages also have changes as well.

[Source: Smart]

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