During a recently held Sony Business Segment Meeting, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan claims about plans that will push PlayStation into cloud gaming.

Acknowledging the importance of the cloud in the moving trend in gaming, Ryan said that the same technology would be key to the company—or anyone else, for that matter—in exploiting the fad.

But while the Sony exec had hinted at the latent direction by which the PlayStation brand may be headed, he did not reveal any specific plan about it—although, he promised that the company has “fairly interesting” and “quite aggressive” plans underway.

The notion of cloud gaming is not particularly fresh to Sony, however. Since acquiring Gaikai, the company has become a pioneer of the cloud-based gaming trend when it launched the PlayStation Now.

While, despite having seen an implementation on PS4, PC, and Sony’s proprietary TVs—the Bravia—PS Now had 2.3 million active subscribers before getting fused into a three-tier PlayStation Plus subscription that requires a $119/year expense just to experience cloud game streaming as a Premium tier.

As Sony is mummed at what the future has in store for gamers, there are speculations as to what they could be, ranging from the Project Q handheld to a further expansion to the PlayStation Plus Premium subscription, and integrated software.

Based on word from the rumor mill, it seems that the handheld dubbed “Q-Lite” will not be a direct successor to the PlayStation Vita. But rather as a dedicated device for Remote Play—for streaming games from the PlayStation 5 remotely to the handheld via an internet connection.

Via: Tweaktown

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