Sony just confirmed that it’s working on its first handheld console internally called Project Q.

Handheld gaming consoles are all the rage right now. Steam has one, ASUS ROG has one, and Sony also wants in. So, during its PlayStation Showcase 2023, the Sony Project Q has been announced.


But unlike the competition, this one will require a PS5 console as you’d be playing games from it over WiFI using Remote Play. Well, at least for now, as the final retail version might also feature cloud gaming.

The hardware itself will feature an 8-inch HD display with what looks like a DualSense wireless controller split in half and attached to each end of the screen.

According to Sony, the LCD display will show games running at 1080p @ 60fps over WiFi. The controller offers the same buttons as the actual PS5 controller and will even feature adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

More details about the Sony Project Q shall be unveiled once it launches later this year.

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